Tips For Shopping!

If it's a good sale, get there EARLY!  Some people will stand out in line for 2-3 hours before a sale even opens just so they can be the first ones in.

If it's a REALLY good sale, you might want to consider renting your own table.  If you have a table, most of the time, you get to shop the other tables before the sale opens to the public.

Even if strollers are allowed, these sales can be really crowded.  If you can go without your children, it'll be much easier on you. If you must bring your children, bring a friend to help, if possible.

Bring a large tote-bag to carry your purchases.  Many table-renters won't have bags, and even if they do, it'll usually only be a standard-size plastic grocery bag.  Those don't hold too much.

Make sure you clean out the trunk of your car.  Many sales have a large-ticket-item room or section.  In these areas, you'll find anything from carseats to cribs or beds.  These items can take up a lot of space in your vehicle.

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.  Do not overdress - it can get surprisingly warm while being packed like sardines with so many other moms.  You might want to leave your jacket in the car.  

Keep your money accessible but safe.  Either a deep front pocket on your pants, or a hip-bag is a good idea.  You won't want to have to stop and open your purse, and dig out your wallet, every time you want to make a purchase.  You'll want to get in, buy, and get out.

Make a mental note to yourself of which sales you find to be worth your time.  These sales are usually just as worthwhile when you return the next season.

Bring a partner - either friend or family.  Tell each other what you are looking for, and how much you're willing to spend.  You can help each other find the great deals!

If you find something that you really want, but you feel the mom is asking for more than it's worth, make an offer!  Most of the time, moms do not want to bring any of their "for-sale" items back home with them, and would rather take a reasonable offer than not sell it at all.  And when you are buying multiple items from the same person, they are sometimes very willing to give you a "package price".  The worst that can happen is she can say no.  Be polite - not pushy - when you are haggling!

Check items very carefully before making an offer and/or purchasing.  Make sure that buttons aren't missing, and zippers work.  Check all over for rips and stains.  Sometimes the most adorable outfits can have irreparable damage.  And the best toys can be missing vital pieces.

If you are not looking for big ticket items, you can sometimes get better deals later in the day. Often, sellers will reduce their entire tables by 50% in the last hour. At least, almost everyone is more willing to bargain with you late in the day so that they don't have to take their stuff home!

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If you are interested in renting a table, please look at the list for your area.  Find the specific sales that you are interested in, and see "Table Rental Info" for more information.  If you have any questions about renting tables, or organizing a sale, or shopping at the sales, please join us on our posting boards and ask whatever you'd like to know!

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