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Dear Mom2Mom Sale Organizer:

Thank you for all of your support and confidence in us here at As many of you know, the community of moms who use our website regularly has grown tremendously over the last year, exceeding everyone’s expectations. Due to the overwhelming growth of our site, and the increase in the number of sales held each season, we have no choice but to start charging a small fee for sale listings. This will help to cover our growing expenses and the large amount of time that is needed to maintain this service. Our website is now averaging over 300,000 page views each month.

We personally cover many expenses out of our own pockets to support your sales with advertising during the season. We can no longer afford to absorb these costs. For the last several years, we have faithfully supported your sales and now we are asking that you understand our position on this matter. Thank you to the sales who have made donations to help support this service!

EFFECTIVE January 2012
The standard minimum fee for listing your sale will be only $23 which includes a PDF file with the "Pink List" 2 sided. We tried to come up with a reasonable and fair amount that would not hurt the causes being supported by the sales. Most of the organizers that we have discussed this with have agreed that this amount is more than fair. This is the only option that we will have for the "Pink List".

As always, you can email us with any questions with a daytime and nighttime phone number and we will return your call; email us at We always welcome your feedback and suggestions!

In order to list your sale on our website and on our printed "Pink Lists", we must receive by mail your "List My Sale" form and anything else required no later than 1 month before the date of your sale. If we receive your form late, your listing will still appear on our website and in our email reminders, however it may be too late to add your sale to our printed list. Your payment will not be reimbursed if this happens, as you will still be getting a large amount of online advertising from us.

Please make sure that you send your check in with your form.... This is the only way that your listing will get on our site or on our Pink Lists. A $35 returned check fee will be charged if your check bounces for any reason. Our bank charges us, so we have to pass on that cost to you. Also, in the future, you will be required to pay by money order or cash.

As always, you can email us at any time at We always welcome your feedback and suggestions!

Due to the rapid growth of the mom2mom resales, and our intention of remaining a local website, we have decided to restrict our "southeastern Michigan" listing to the following counties: Monroe, Lenawee, Wayne, Washtenaw, Livingston, Oakland, Macomb, Genessee, Lapeer, Sanilac, St. Clair. Although we are not interested in expanding outside this area, we would be very happy to see this trend catching on with other websites targeting other local areas. If your sale is not in one of these counties, consider starting your own local site & list while helping to spread the benefits of mom2mom resales into your area. We also have a new message board for "Out Of Area Sales" that we welcome you to post a short advertisement on. Thank you for your understanding!

IMPORTANT: We DO NOT advertise craft shows or vendor shows on our website or printed list. Your sale MUST be at least 90% mom2mom tables to qualify for a listing. That means only 1/10 of your table renters can be for vendors and/or crafters (1 vendor table for every 10 resale renters). Your sale MUST be held by an established organization for consideration to be included. We will not list fundraisers for individuals. Churches, schools, MOMs & MOPs clubs, daycares, preschools. and charities are examples of acceptable organizations. Your sale must have a minimum of 20 tables to be listed with us. We may refuse a sale listing at any time, for any reason, at our discretion. If you are having a garage/yard sale, rummage sale, flea market, vendor fair, a private/personal fund-raiser, or any other type of event, feel free to post a simple ad on our message boards, under the appropriate board (you must be a registered member to post). Again, your sale must be a mom-to-mom resale event at a public location to be placed on our list, held by an established organization. We do not list sales that are being held at private residences, or as fundraisers for individuals.  

Again, we will be happy to list your sale with one condition - that you have our "Pink List" to distribute at your sale. We provide you with ALOT of advertising... Our website is up YEAR-ROUND, so you can list your sale as soon as you have a date picked out! We pass out over 30,000 fliers each fall, and close to 50,000 during the spring sale season! We remind all of our email newsletter subscribers each week of the upcoming sales for that weekend, and with a monthly email newsletter. You get all this just for simply distributing our Pink List at your sale!

(Please Note: If you submit your sale less than 1 month in advance, we cannot guarantee your listing will be published on our printed flyers. However, because even late listings will receive advertising through our site and email newsletter, we still require the same obligation of distributing the lists at your sale. Our lists are maintained on this website year-round, so please make sure you get your sales submitted as early as possible to avoid missing our printing deadlines.)

With so many sales going on these days, there is just no way that we will be able to get to every sale. We have tried to keep this very reasonable for all involved. In return for advertising your sales on our site & our printed list, all we ask for is your cooperation in distributing the list. Our sponsors help to cover our printing costs by placing paid ads on the back of the lists. We want to make sure we get their ads into as many hands as possible, while providing this community service to all resale shoppers & sale organizers. I'm sure you can imagine how the expenses can add up when we are distributing over 100,000+ fliers annually - not to mention the number of hours that we put into compiling the lists, updating the website, and distributing fliers to advertise for you.

Please visit Organizers Tools & Tips section on our website for information on our message board for organizers only, getting a website for your sale, or a great special price on fliers!

Our mailing address: Mom2MomList, 126 Oakview Lane, Wando, SC 29492 *NEW 8/25/17*

*  Listing may take up to 10 days from the date of receipt to appear on our website.
** We must receive your listing 30 days prior to the sale date to guarantee that it
will appear on the printed Pink Lists before your sale date.

2013 Changes: Sales will no longer be divided into 2 sale seasons (spring/summer and fall/winter). We will instead have one ongoing list for the entire year. Also, because we are working with a limited amount of space to list your information, and rental pricing seems to be getting more complicated and detailed, we will no longer be listing the pricing information. Instead, we will list the contact information and/or links to your flyers or contracts (which you can email to us to add to your listing, or have them located elsewhere on the internet for us to link to.) Anyone interested in renting will have to contact you to get detailed information. We recommend using an email address, and having a standard email response set up to send out to everyone who inquires, including all of your rental options and pricing, as well as restrictions.

Sale Listing Contract - Click Here *UPDATED 8/25/17*

If you need to make a change or correction to a current listing,
please fill out our change form by clicking HERE

Payment should be made out to Mom2MomList and mailed to:, 126 Oakview Lane, Wando, SC 29492

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