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IMPORTANT: Changes will only be accepted from the organizer who is
listed on the original "List Your Sale" form. This is simply a precaution to avoid
any miscommunications or confusion. If there is more than one organizer for your sale,
please designate one person to be in charge of your listing on our site. Thank you!

Please email the following information to: 

  • Your Name (Sale Organizer Only) *Required

  • Personal Phone Number *Required

  • Email  Recommended for quick & easy communication!

  • Organization *Required

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  • Date(s) of Sale 

  • Sold Out?___    Cancelled?___           Reason? ______________

  • Other Changes/Corrections: (Please be very detailed!)

  • Additional Comments? 

We will attempt to make changes within 3-5 days of receipt. NO GUARANTEES! Because of the massive amount of emails we receive, it is important that you as the organizer double-check and make sure your changes have been made, especially if it is a cancellation of a sale. Please feel free to email us again if you notice your change hasn't been made within a few days, however if it's not an urgent time-sensitive change, please have patience with us also. You know that saying "it takes a village to raise a child"... well, I think it takes a village to run this website accurately... Teamwork is what will keep things going smoothly. There are so many details to attend to when it comes to listing the large amount of sales that are submitted to us, and making the changes and updates that are sent to us daily. Errors will get made, emails will get lost in cyberspace, there will be miscommunication at times. That is why it is so important that we work together and continue to communicate well.

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