How To Clean ANYTHING!
By Robin Nobles

Over the past few weeks, we've devoted hours and hours to cleaning up what could be described (very loosely) as my daughter's bedroom. A public health hazard is more descriptive and to the point.

The only thing that wasn't filthy and a mess was my meticulous daughter. Imagine that.

I know for a fact that she hasn't really cleaned her room in probably two years. It was disgusting. We weren't even sure where to begin.

Of course, in this house, we began at the Internet - at the How to Clean Anything site. Cleaning categories include interior cleaning hints, exterior, pets, auto, stain, and recreation.

From there, each category is divided according to the tip, such as upholstery/furniture, bathroom, floors, carpets, and even hints and time savers.

In the interior cleaning category, learn how to get water stains out of furniture, or how to remove candle wax from stereo speakers. Learn how to remove lipstick or gum from carpet, or how to remove dark stains from wood furniture.

The site also offers tips for cleaning various types of jewelry, including opals and silver.

Furthermore, you'll find a search engine at the site that will help point you in the right direction if you can't find what  you're looking for through the categories.

So if you have a daughter (or a son) with a room like our daughter's, at least you have a reference of where to go when you need to get it cleaned! GOOD LUCK!

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