The Continuously Clean Bathroom
by Brandie Valenzuela

While housework isn't my favorite activity no matter what, there is one area that I can't stand. The bathroom. If at all possible, I will avoid cleaning the bathroom until it is so pathetically dirty that even a spider would rather find a new place to build his new home.

I do believe though that my first step to bathroom cleaning recovery was recognizing that I had a problem. Okay, I have recognized it. I have also decided that my family does deserve better, so for them, I will do my best to whistle while I work and keep a bathroom that all will love and adore -- if it is at all possible.

Now, before you think I have totally surrendered to the porcelain throne -- I have not. What I have done is decided to make my bathrooms virtually self cleaning, so that I can spend my time doing other fun things. I know that I am not alone in my problem, so I am willing to share my five rules for the continuously clean bathroom with you.

Rule # 1:
Start with a clean bathroom. Don't even think of trying to have a continuously clean bathroom, if you are going to start with a dirty one. Believe me, I have tried. It doesn't work.

Rule # 2:
Everyday take a piece of toilet paper and wipe off the back of the toilet behind the hinges. You know the place. Wipe it even if it doesn't appear to be dirty.

Rule # 3:
Dry or squeegie your shower walls, doors, and tub after bathing. Teach your children how to do this, too. This will virtually eliminate needing to clean your shower. The only way to avoid rule # 3 is if you want to use a "daily shower" cleaning product, that allows you to mist it on your walls and doors and leave it.

Rule # 4:
Everyday, quickly wipe your counters and sink with a damp cloth. If you wish, you can use a premoistened bathroom cleaning cloth product or even baby wipes. It even works to use a piece of toilet paper if your sink doesn't have too much gunky stuff (like toothpaste) in it. Put a hook or nail under your sink to hold your cloth so that is can dry between uses. Be sure to to launder your cloth once a week.

Rule # 5:
Erase the evidence. After taking a bath or shower, getting ready for the day, or even just using the potty, make sure when you leave the bathroom there is no evidence that you have been there. This means putting your dirty clothes in the hamper, putting away styling products, flushing the toilet, and so on. Believe it or not, this is easy for preschool age and up to do if you make it a game. Play detective and tell them not to leave any evidence that they were there!

While the five rules for a continously clean bathroom are wonderful and will save you a lot of time in the long run, it is not the total answer. Once a week you will still need to go in and do a detailed cleaning of your bathroom. The good news is that if you have been following all five of the rules, your weekly cleaning of the bathroom will take you very little time. I can easily clean my bathroom from top to bottom in about ten minutes now that I have been following my five rules.

2004 Brandie Valenzuela
About the Author: Brandie is a wife and homeschooling mom to three children, who also works fulltime from her home designing products and writing articles for the scrapbook industry.  She is a proud design team member of Pages of the Heart at -- a free resource site for scrappers.  She also maintains her own website at:

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