30 Simple Ways To Celebrate Spring
by Susie Cortright
and http://www.momscape.com

Throw open the curtains and spread good cheer. Spring has arrived! Here are thirty ways to celebrate.

  1. Borrow a convertible.

  2. Take the kids to the zoo.

  3. Bring a rocking chair onto your front porch. 

  4. Make strawberry shortcake with real whipped cream.

  5. Hook up the hammock.

  6. Get out the sidewalk chalk. Play hangman, tic-tac-toe, or devise an obstacle course to follow on the pavement.

  7. Share a jumbo box of popsicles with the neighborhood kids on the front porch.

  8. Hang a tire swing.

  9. Take a historic walking tour of your town or city.

  10. Read outside.

  11. Turn off the furnace and open the windows, even if it means you need to put on a sweater.

  12. Hike through your nearest wildlife area or state park.

  13. Sit on the grass with a book.

  14. Take the kids on a bike ride.

  15. Make a great big salad for dinner. Grill chicken, cut in strips, place on a bed of lettuce, and top with your favorite veggies.

  16. Paint your toenails bright pink.

  17. Buy a straw hat. 

  18. Eat raspberries.

  19. Play disc golf. Set out for a local course or just designate a few trees as your "holes" and toss away.

  20. Host an outdoor tea party.

  21. Fly a kite.

  22. Blow bubbles.

  23. Dine al fresco.

  24. Treat yourself to a glamorous new pair of sunglasses.

  25. Make sun tea.

  26. Sit on a park bench. Just sit there and do nothing at all. 

  27. Make a homemade fruit smoothie for breakfast, and serve in an elegant wine glass or goblet.

  28. Give each of the kids a disposable camera, and take a walk through the neighborhood. Document the signs of spring.

  29. Resolve to get the body you want, before summer, simply by eating more healthy foods.  Mike Brescia's behavior modification series can help: http://www.momscape.com/thinkrightnow/eatingforhealth.htm

  30. Write down your own favorite ways to celebrate spring.

Susie Cortright is the editor of two "just for you" websites: BestSelfHelp.com, which saves you time and money by cataloging only the best personal growth tools, and Momscape.com, devoted to helping busy parents find balance. Today, Momscape visitors receive Susie's "6 Days to Less Stress" course free: http://www.momscape.com. And BestSelfHelp visitors receive a free self-help classic: http://www.bestselfhelp.com

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