Moms' Guide To Starting An Online Business
by Pamela Heywood

Starting a small business online can be an ideal way for moms to combine providing for the family's needs with being there for the kids.

Moms' biggest challenge to starting an online business will be distractions that make it harder to stay on track with the many tasks necessary for the development of your new business. 

Oh, I'm sure time and money will be in short supply too, but it will be the multiple demands on the same time that will likely cause you the most difficulty.

But those same skills you already use to balance the household priorities are really the same ones you'll use to organize your business workload.

You're already a BIG step ahead of the rest of us disorganized people ...

You already know everything there is to know about making lists for everything, synchronizing schedules, using wall planners ... and still what can go wrong, will!

  • Take into consideration that managing with baby, who probably takes naps during the day or whose cradle you can rock with one foot, while you type with the other (hands already full!), may be easier than working with toddlers around that you dare not take your eyes off for a single moment.
  • Having them play at your feet isn't an option. I know of one lady whose two year old granddaughter chose the very moment she got to the download page for a purchase to hit the OFF button on her computer. You may still need some help with childcare if you are ever to get anything done.
  • Older children, on the other hand, make very good website testers. If they can find their way around, it's probably reasonable to hope grown-ups can too! Listen to their uncomplicated ideas. Involving them in your business will help them understand the sacrifices that need to be made. 

Your situation will be unique and no-one can tell you how to organize things in the best way to suit your family, but do try not to rely on waiting for when the kids go to bed to start work. You will probably be exhausted and  not at your best for making business decisions or reading complicated instruction by then.

As a "kid" whose mom does work, both outside and from home, I will tell you that I don't think I was ever harmed by it. In fact, just from them seeing what you do, you teach your  kids a lot of values that will help them become better at taking care of themselves as adults.

And that's the best upbringing you can give them.

Copyright 2003 Pamela Heywood
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