Keep Your New Years Resolutions & Save Big Money Too!
by Nancy Twigg

Each January, Americans make a whole host of resolutions that they usually break soon thereafter. But did you know that keeping your resolutions can actually be your ticket to saving big money in 2004?

Keeping your resolutions not only makes you healthier and happier but it can also make you richer if you save the money you would have spent on that bad habit. Consider these examples:

  • If you watch your calories and cut out that high-fat muffin or dessert each day, you could save: $2 per day -- $730 a year -- $7300 over 10 years
  • If you finally kick that pack-a-day smoking habit, you could save: $4 a day -- $1460 a year -- $14,600 over 10 years
  • If you cut back on your coffee intake and drop that daily coffee stop on the way to work, you could save: $2.00 a day -- $520 a year -- $5200 over 10 years
  • If you get serious about clipping coupons and bargain shopping, you could save at least: $10 per week -- $3650 per year -- $36,500 over 10 years
  • If you take your lunch to work each day instead of eating out, you could save: $7.00 per workday -- $1820 per year -- $18,200 over 10 years

Just making these five lifestyle changes could save you approximately $8000 a year or $80,000 over a 10-year period! What could you do with an extra $80,000? How would your future look different if you had that kind of nest egg growing in your bank account?

Making small changes like these in order to reap big rewards is what creative frugality is all about. Many people think of being frugal as being cheap or feeling deprived. But in reality, frugality is just a matter of trading things that are less valuable to you for things that will truly enrich your life.

Which is more valuable to you: that daily cup of gourmet coffee or $520 in your bank account at the end of the year? Which would bring more fulfillment: going out for lunch each day or having $18,200 saved up in 10 years? You decide. If saving the money is more important to you, make a commitment to save big by keeping your resolutions this year.

Nancy Twigg is the founder of the Sixth Annual National Creative Frugality Week, January 25th 31st. Occurring one month after the week of Christmas, this event encourages people everywhere to have fun as they look for new ways to be resourceful and make their money go farther. For more creatively frugal ideas and inspiration, visit Nancy online at

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