A Very Gentle Art
by Arleen M. Kaptur

E-mails are sent by the millions every single day of the year. They are informative and friendly, and sometimes very exasperating. You get them from people you know, would like to know, or wish you didn't know. There is one very big flaw with the current e-mail system - it is very impersonal.

Letter writing, sending greeting cards, or even short notes to family, friends, acquaintances, companies, and a myriad of other individuals has always been a very important part of life. Remember those "Thank-you" notes that Mom and Dad made you write. Well, you can thank them for their insight, expertise, and on-going effort to instill in you a very meaningful, and precious part of life. Yes, extending a bit of yourself to those you are trying to reach. E-mails will never give that feeling - or reach that pinnacle of perfection.

We all - yes, men, women, and children alike - treasure "special" cards and notes we have received. That first anniversary card, a simple note congratulating us on a personal victory, and even condolences when we were at our lowest. These written gestures touched us in a way that a computer never will. Someone took the time
to put pen to paper and think of us with some very special thoughts.

Whatever your state in life - however old you are - and wherever you live - don't give up on a vital part of living. Even if you don't have store-bought stationary or fancy envelopes, a simple piece of paper penned in your own handwriting and sent with your sentiments of affection, love, loyalty, or whatever you are feeling, will reach the recipient and let them know and actually "feel" your words. Holidays are not the only time to write, and neither are birthdays, though these are special indeed.

Take a moment, pick up a pen - you can even try scented ones with colored ink if you are feeling especially creative - and send someone a note from you - personalized, and touching. Without taking a lot of effort, you will have "made their day."

Writing does not have to be time-consuming, or expensive, just meaningful and giving. Don't let this most wonderful part of life go by the wayside - you won't regret it, so ENJOY!

©Arleen M. Kaptur 2003 March 
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