ON GUARD! What Parents Should Know About Child Abduction
by Laura Quarantiello

The risk of your child being taken by a molester or abductor is real, as thousands of parents learn to their horror every year.  Rule one is never leave your child alone in public, not even for a minute. A minute is all it takes. Parking lots and public rest rooms are prime hunting ground for abductors, so be careful about where you park and don't let your child wander off. Check out any baby sitter or day care facility thoroughly before you entrust your child to them. Keep an open and honest relationship with your children; encourage them to
talk about their concerns and pay attention to what they say. If something or someone is upsetting or scaring them, there's usually a reason. Never belittle your child's fears, whatever they are.

It's a fact that the more attention a child gets at home, the less susceptible he or she will be to the lures of a molester or abductor. Try to be involved with your child's activities know who their friends are and what adults they spend time with. Be especially careful of friend's parents or other adults in a friend's home if your child spends time there. One of the prime warning signs of trouble to watch for is an apparent change in the way your child reacts to a particular adult. It is vital that you find out what's going on in a situation such as that.

Don't dress your child in clothes that display his or her name. A stranger can easily spot the child's name and use it to appear to be a friend. Police recommend that you always keep a recent photo of your child on hand it's an important aid in bringing a child home quickly. Be sure your children understand that if any stranger tries to get them alone or into a car you want to be told about it. If something seems suspicious to you don't hesitate to report it to the police, along with as much information about the situation as possible. In so doing you might help save another child from a terrible fate. 

By Laura Quarantiello
Tiare Publications Group
Laura Quarantiello is the author of "On Guard How You Can Win the War Against the Bad Guys" an information shield that will help keep you and your family safe in a world of creeps and crazies. Please visit: http://www.tiare.com/onguard.htm

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