$100's Saved By Grocery Shopping For Free
by Sarah Delaporte - www.couponcorner.net

Have you ever considered that you might save money if you could only stop eating. Obviously eating is a necessity for all of us. To stop eating would be like to stop breathing. But grocery bills do pile up and everyone looks for ways to reduce those bills.

Perhaps you have read articles about saving money on groceries and you have thought about trying to clip coupons yourself. Then you would procrastinate and never get around to saving money. "After all," you justified, "I would only be saving a few cents on every dollar."

This isn't true. People save lots of money clipping cents off coupons each week. However, the goal of this particular article is not to convince you of the value of clipping coupons weekly. Instead, I am going to show you how each coupon you collect could mean $2-$6 off your grocery bill. If you collected and used only 2 coupons, you could save $4-$12!! Imagine saving money by the dollars instead of by the cents!

Now, have I convinced you coupons can be worthwhile? Before I tell and show you how the above can be done later on in this article, let me tell you a little about myself. For four years, I was the editor of a small newsletter called "Freebie Coupon Corner" . My goal has been to show and teach people how to receive free groceries legally no matter their income level (both the poor, middle class and rich can save money on groceries this way). Besides the fact that receiving free groceries is fun, it also is entertaining too! I once went on a grocery shopping spree and received over $400 in groceries free! That was FUN! It was neat to show friends, relatives and the news how many full size brand name groceries I could receive for free. One store even tried to pay me 10 cents.

Now, I've probably lost you. You think it CAN'T possibly be true. There is no way anyone can do this and it seems like a just a tall tale. You may have always heard the saying : "If it is too good to be true, it isn't true." In this case, everything is true and I even have receipts and pictures to prove it. I am also a Christian and before God cannot lie to you and will not lie to you. This really happened. Yes, it takes work. No, you will not be able to buy all your groceries for free. But yes, you can greatly reduce your current grocery bill by at least half if you know how not only with free groceries, but with money saving tips.

If you want to receive free groceries, here are a couple links that are currently offering free groceries:

These links were valid as of August 1, 2002. Unlike common knowledge, coupons such as the above are very common and people with knowledge can receive lots of free product coupons (coupons good for full-size free groceries - buyer pays only tax).

Do you want knowledge on where to find and receive coupons such as these and high value cents off coupons good on name brand products? Then, visit: http://www.couponcorner.net and order the "Guide to Receiving Free Groceries" E-book for only $4.95. Five dollars out of your pocket book could mean hundreds saved. Be sure to check the website often as more e-books will be posted.

Sarah Delaporte, Oregon, IL, US   ~   freebie@couponcorner.net   ~   http://www.couponcorner.net
Sarah Delaporte is the owner of Freebie Coupon Corner. She loves helping consumers save money on their groceries with her helpful e-book publications. For more information about Freebie Coupon Corner, you can visit the website at: http://www.couponcorner.net 

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