Learn To Save Your Money
by Debra Vaughn - http://www.familybudgeteer.com/

We all know that people carry more debt now than during any other period in history. Perhaps you are drowning in debt or maybe you just got out of debt and are doing everything you possibly can to never travel that rocky road again. Either way, if you are trying to save money, check out these sites and newsletters to help you steer clear of overspending.

FamilyBudgeteer.com - www.familybudgeteer.com
A free newsletter delivered every two weeks to your inbox. This site has much more to offer than just a newsletter though. It has an extensive index of articles that are aimed at helping you to save money. Sign up for the free newsletter and be automatically entered into a monthly drawing for prizes. Subscribe to this publication by sending a blank email to: Familybudgeteer-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Dollar Stretcher - www.stretcher.com
A free weekly e-publication that is available to all who want to learn how to live within their means. As an added bonus, they have a variety of different newsletters that you can subscribe to. Some of the newsletters that are available are Parents, Tips, Cyber Sites for Moms, Bright Kids and much more! To sign up for any of their free newsletters, please visit: www.stretcher.com/menu/subscrib.cfm

Counting the Cost E-zine - www.countingthecost.com
An a free bi-monthly Christian e-zine dedicated to everyday abundant living at its best. Topics include experiencing life more joyfully, using our time and money wisely, building stronger family relationships, and spiritual enrichment. Sign up today by sending a blank e-mail message to: countingthecost-subscribe@topica.com 

Tightwad Tess - www.tightwadtess.com
Not a newsletter, but definitely worth mentioning. This site offers a variety of articles that will not only save you money, but it also helps you to get organized. Needless to say, this is one of my favorites.

Budget Stretcher - www.homemoneyhelp.com
A free monthly online publication with a collection of articles and resources to help you better manage your finances. Budget Stretcher include free forms to help you organize your finances and other expenses. Subscribe to this publication by visiting: www.homemoneyhelp.com

Family First - http://members.aol.com/BMValen/index.html 
Subscribe to the free newsletter for real moms and the family she loves. Every week, you will receive our free newsletter packed with features that include parenting-related subjects, recipes, meal planning, cooking and baking, activity, craft, hobby, or vacation ideas for kids and families and many more features all created with you in mind. Don't miss another week! Subscribe today by e-mailing: FamilyFirst-subscribe@yahoogroups.com 

Busy Parents Online - www.busyparentsonline.com
Everything the busy parent needs to make their hectic life easier and less stressful. Find baby & parenting advice, family travel ideas, recipes, shopping, beauty & fashion tips, and more! To subscribe to this sanity saving ezine visit: busyparentsonline.com/Newsletter.htm

Frugal Simplicity - www.frugalsimplicity.com
Yet another invaluable resource to help you learn to save your pennies in ever aspect of your life. The newsletter, however, is a notification of site updates. Useful, but if you have only email capabilities without internet, you may not be able to get the full benefits of this site.

Debra Vaughn is a stay-at-home mother to 3 young girls. She is a freelance writer in her spare time. Debra Vaughn also edits and publishes The Family Budgeteer Online and Newsletter which can be found at http://www.familybudgeteer.com/ 

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