Pampering Yourself With Kids In Tow
By Amanda Formaro ~

Having four children, I know how difficult it can be to get a moment to yourself for a little pampering. There are a few things I have managed to squeeze in for me, even when I'm not alone.

When my kids take a bath, they like it when I sit in the bathroom and talk to them. I decided to make this a moment for me as well as for them. While the bath water is running I go into my bathroom and get my nail polish remover, a couple of cotton balls, nail file, new polish and a small towel (for my feet). Once the kids are in the bathtub I put my feet into the water.  This also makes it easier to wash little kid's hair. :) Now I am getting a nice foot soak that I would probably never MAKE the time to do for myself.

First I remove my old nail polish and then rinse my hands with a damp rag and then in the water. Then I wash the kids' hair. Afterward, while they are playing in the water, I take the time to file and polish my nails, one coat. Only one coat because they may want to get out soon.

After everyone gets out of the bath and are all dried off and jammied up I settle them down in the living room for their nightly viewing of Rugrats. I give them each a small baggy of pretzels to keep them happy. That's when I do another coat of polish and enjoy a well deserved cup of coffee.

I realize that I could do all of this comfortably after the children are in bed, but when would I have time for the computer?? LOL!

Take Time For Bathtime ~ I have made it a ritual to at least once a week, usually on the weekend, to take a nice long, hot bubble bath. (Because I sell Avon I have a HUGE assortment of foam baths and other goodies!) This time I don't want to be bothered so hubby is in charge of the kids. I know that can be very frightening! I lock my bathroom door and soak. At least 30 minutes, usually more if I can get away with it!

Just before the bath, when the water is running, is a really good time to remove old polish off of your toenails. Then you can polish them either in the tub or when you get out, but at least your feet have had a chance to soak in the tub.

Another thing I do during my bath is a facial mask. They are so great! Most masks state to leave them on for 15 minutes, making bathtime an ideal time to do these. I also like to do a protein treatment on my hair. If I don't have any protein treatment I will use a regular conditioner and wrap my hair in plastic wrap and leave that on for ten minutes or so. The plastic wrap keeps heat in that aids in the conditioning process.

I always light candles when bathing, it's so soothing. I have several all over my bathroom. It doesn't matter to me that they are all different scents, it's just the ambiance for me.

This is also a really good time to get caught up on reading. I have several books that I have started and never finished. So keep them in your bathroom and at the ready. Or if you prefer to soak with your eyes shut, put a small radio in your bathroom and play soothing music. Ahhhh.

When I climb out of the tub I feel relaxed and calm...until I go downstairs and find out that my house is upside down! Oh well! Back to reality!

Amanda Formaro is the mother of four children. She and her husband live in Henderson, Nevada. She is also the owner of The Family Corner website at

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