The Yard Sale Quest
by Wendy Shepherd - &

Where is a mom to go when the dad can be home with the kids? Yard sales have become a weekend thing for this mom. The older kids stay home with dad while mom and baby go off a-yard-saling!

The quest begins with getting there as fast as fast can be. You may catch me digging through boxes of clothes and quickly scanning the tables for items I may need. I usually do this feat alone as no one can really keep up with me. I even make my baby's head spin. No sooner does he finally wave his hand and utter "Hi" then he has to wave a quick bye-bye as I hand over the stack of quarters for my newly found treasures. Off to the next sale with the thought of what wares could be found.

Must hurry as many thoughts go through my mind. Does the car have enough gas? I have checked 3 times now. Should I have gotten that toy that my oldest boy would have liked? Will daddy be able to fit in those shorts I bought? Will I make it home in time to go out to breakfast with the family at that cozy little restaurant we go to once a week? Does the baby need a diaper change, oh look, he is asleep! I am thirsty, as I forgot my drink at home. Does anyone know that they can make a lot of money from selling beverages out of a cooler at yard sales? Oh, look a yard sale sign. Well, I think it is. Can hardly read it. Let me slow down. Squinting, almost stopping the car to read. Well look there, it is a yard sale sign. Well, I can't get out of the car to see the address as the baby is asleep. Guess it's onto the next yard sale.

Honestly, I have learned a lot about yard sales. I have held many and I have been to many. Signs are the biggest part of having your yard sale as well as the time of day it is held. Early is best. Most people tend to start looking at around 7-8 in the morning. By 10:00 I have found myself to be so dizzy that I wonder if the stop sign ahead is a yard sale sign.

Signs with BIG letters, address, distance, and BIG arrows help me to find the way to your yard sale. Signs that are bright and different colors do help draw attention. Did you put arrows at every corner? Check them often if it is windy. It is a nice touch to have a flag or balloons on your mailbox at your home to help people zero in. Think of the quest as your own. Trace the route that you create to your own yard sale.

2000-2001 Wendy Shepherd is married to Michael and stay-at-home mother of three vibrant, young children who she homeschools. She is the founder and owner of  & with & (due to open this year). ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Reprintable with Permission email

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