How To Choose Colors for Your Home

Adding color to a room is the cheapest way to change a room if your budget does not allow for a complete makeover.  Color can make or break a room. It can be the  difference between a bland room and a "wow" room.  It can also awaken your senses or create nostalgic feelings.  

Before deciding on a color for a room, it may help to know the psychology of color.  Certain colors evoke certain feelings.  For instance, red is an energizing, fun, and vibrant color.  Some say that red induces hunger, which may be the reason you will see red in many restaurants.  Blue is a soothing, calming color.  Blue can be used in a room where you want to relax and unwind.  The color green has the same effects as the color blue.  Yellow is bright and exciting.  It can make you feel cheerful and happy.  Colors can also open up or shrink a room.  If your room is small, choosing a lighter color for the walls can make the room appear larger.  Darker colors can create a cozier room and make it feel smaller. 

When deciding on a color for a room, it may be as simple as picking your favorite color.  Sometimes it is not that easy.  The theme of the room may not be compatible with the color you choose.  The black you may choose to paint the walls will not be conducive to the country theme you chose to decorate the room.  You can find color inspiration from the furniture or accessories already in the room.  Choosing a color to paint a room that is already in the room provides a sense of cohesiveness and gives it a designer's touch.  One suggestion before you paint the entire room - tape a couple paint chips onto the wall or paint only a small portion of the wall and wait a couple days to see if the color is actually to your liking.  When choosing colors for your room for the first time, try to stick to a two to three color palette so you don't feel overwhelmed. 

Adding color to your home does not mean you have to paint the walls.  It can be as easy as adding colorful accent pieces such as rugs, pillows, vases, etc.  Beautiful artwork can also add color and drama to a room.

Color does not necessarily mean bold and bright.   It can be a smooth, rich chocolate brown accenting a monochromatic décor.  Whatever you choose, the most important thing is to have fun with it!

Maria Palma is a writer, painter, jewelry designer, interior decorator, and real estate consultant based in San Diego, California. She received her degree in Psychology from California State University, Chico, but realized that she wanted to pursue her artistic passions. She has two websites: Salon de Maria (, which showcases her art, and Home Solutions (, a resource for real estate and home decorating in the San Diego area.

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