1. What Is A Mom2Mom Resale?

2. About Us: The PinkList's Birthstory
3. Five Years Later
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What is a Mom2Mom Resale?

Mom2Mom Resales are a great way to control your budget when you are providing a wardrobe for children who are growing faster than they can wear out their clothes.  Think of a cross between a flea market & a garage sale, and you'll have a Mom2Mom sale.  Moms rent tables where they can sell the clothes, toys, and miscellaneous items that their families have outgrown.  These moms sell these items usually at steep discounts, to clear out their own closets for an update.  In turn, those same moms and the public can shop at these sales and find incredible bargains - clothes that are slightly used, even clothes that still have the tags on them sometimes!  You can get name-brand clothing at a fraction of what it costs brand-new!  But that's not all - you can find such a variety of items, from videos to video games, from baby bottles to raincoats - just about anything a family could need.

Here in southeastern Michigan, these sales can be found every spring and fall at numerous churches, schools, and even daycare centers.  On our site, you'll find a fall and a spring list of these sales, their dates & locations within the Metro-Detroit area. We did attempt to branch out into a nation-wide list of resale events, but it seems these types of sales are few & far-between outside of this region. We will still offer advice and support to people in other locations who would like to have these sales in their areas, but until further notice, this site will focus on just southeastern Michigan.

Please continue to visit and help us to grow. We are here for you - the resale shoppers & sellers - as a voluntary service. With your help and support, the Pink List will be here for you for a long time!

About Us: The PinkList Birthstory

Where do we start????  I guess with a little history on the founder of “The Pink List”.  Patty owns and operate Avon Printing & Rubber Stamp Factory in Mt. Clemens. She is proud to have two wonderful grandchildren - Tyler (13) and Shayla (8).  They are why she discovered mom-to-mom resales.

In 1991, she met Joyce (the original “List Lady”) and at that time there were only a mere 5 or 6 sales. Joyce started to write the list in longhand, copy it, and pass it out at the sales.  If you remember those lists, you are a true veteran!  As time went on, Joyce got a great deal on the “Mary bag”... all of the veterans know the .25 bag that became her bag to bring list to the sales and then to get sale items to fill it.  Joyce would be at the front of the line with Agnes and Patty at most of the sales.  The veterans have stood, sat, & leaned in rain, snow, wind, & sun for up to 2 hours to make sure that we were the first in the “Big Item Room” to get the wonderful things that our grandchildren and children enjoy so very much.  As time went on, Joyce went to the typewriter and listed the sales in the order that they were given to her.  Joyce never charged any sale to be on her list.  She did this until the Spring of 1998 all at her own expense.

In 1999 and part of 2000, a couple of moms who called themselves the “List Mommies” started their own version of the list of sales, passing it out wherever they could. They had a website also for a small time, but things changed in their lives and they moved on. 

When Joyce stepped away from providing the list, we thought that her years of dedication to it deserved to be remembered, and Agnes and Patty talked about putting together a website in her honor, carrying on the tradition that she began. After discussing it further with Valerie, Patty’s daughter-in-law, and starting in on the work it takes to provide a printed list, they were pleasantly surprised to see that Valerie had the website up and running within just a few short weeks. At that time, the site was hosted at Tripod, which provides free websites, but it soon outgrew that service, and by 2001, we had our own domain name – We were, and still are, proud to pass out flyers and business cards advertising this website, which now provides so much more than just a listing of resale events.

You may have heard the nickname “The Pink List” – well, there’s a story behind that too. You see, as we said, Patty owns a printshop, so she was ultimately responsible for printing the lists each week. When it was time to print the first set, she looked over at her shelves of paper, and there was an extra stack of pink paper right on top, so that is what she used. By the next weekend, people who saw her at the sales were asking for the “Pink List”. And so it began – the tradition of printing the lists on pink paper. That’s one thing we’re known for now, and it makes it easier for the shoppers to find our list when they attend the sales.


Five Years Later...

Wow! We're still here five years later!!!  Our service continues to remain free for sale shoppers. And we have expanded so much over these 5 years. In addition to listing the sales on our website, we provide maps for each one and table rental information, whenever available. We also collect feedback from shoppers, and share their comments with each sale organizer, in an attempt to help each sale improve with every season. 

Take a look around our site, and you’ll see our new Kids Korner and Kitchen Korner columns, as well as new articles and tips each month, and our very active and infamous message boards. Almost any time you decide to visit these boards, there are other moms there, and we have a chatroom that you can use too. We have articles from many walks of life submitted to us and we don’t limit our information to our small corner of the map. Our articles are often from nationally notable writers who are pleased to have their articles published on our site. We welcome articles written in a proper form from anyone who feels they’d like to share with our audience. We have outings being organized almost monthly, so that we can enjoy each other’s friendships and our children can make friends with each other too.

Some of our policies include:

  • We do not list a sale unless the organizer submits the information to us. If a visitor tells us about a sale, we will contact the sale location and invite them to submit their sale to us. If they choose not to, their sale will not be added to our list. 

  • We try to make all changes and additions in a timely manner, usually within 48 hours of submission.

  • We do not allow “flaming” on our site. For those of you new to the Internet, "flaming" consists of name-calling, finger pointing, or intentionally degrading anyone. If anyone has any gripes about other people, please keep it to yourselves or discuss it privately, not openly on an Internet message board. Inappropriate posts may be removed at our discretion, and it may cause a user to be banned from posting. We are all adults, and expect everyone to act as such.

  • We have advertisers on our list who help to cover our printing expenses. We are cautious with who we allow to advertise on our list. Please check out these ads and see if you have a need for their services. If you do, please let them know that you found them on the “Pink List”. Without our advertisers, we wouldn't be able to accomplish so much without passing on more costs to the sales, and we wouldn't be able to keep this site free for members.

  • There is no cost to receive a list, but we do ask for a very small donation to a charity of our choice if you would like to get a list in the mail – a mere dime is what we request, and we are happy to share with you which charity it will go to. Check the front page of our website at any time for this information. The only other requirement is you providing us with a S.A.S.E. (self-addressed stamped envelope). 

  • Sale organizers must commit to distributing the list at their sales. This is simply so that all sales will help equally in advertising all of the other sales.

We have recently added to our volunteer staff, because we just couldn’t handle it all ourselves anymore, and because we want this to belong to everyone – it’s not “ours”. Please stop by and Meet Our Staff when you get a minute. We are all on the same pay scale - the satisfaction of doing something to help others.  No sick days, No holidays, No Vacation.... So if you see one of our staff at the sales, please take a second and let them know that you appreciate all the hard work that goes into this site. Thank you all for your support and emails! We truly value your input, and take all suggestions into consideration.


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